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Installation of Agama Web Buttons is very easy, download and run program awbsetup.exe.

If your download does not start automatically, try the following links:.

Download from
Agama is free, Please consider donation

 OS: Microsoft Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista/W7/W8

 CPU: Minimum Pentium 1

 Memory: 32Mb or more for Windows 95/98/ME, 64Mb or more for Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista

 Free disk space: 18Mb

ver 3.10 - New button tepmplates
ver 3.00 - Unicode and multilanguage text in buttons is now supported!
ver 2.70 - Solved problem with button preview in Chrome when registered as default browser. New button templates.
ver 2.69 - New button templates.
ver 2.68 - New button templates.
ver 2.67 - New button templates. Fixed bug in Export Dialog
ver 2.66 - New button templates. Hungarian localization.
ver 2.65 - One page multiple menus support. New button templates.
ver 2.64 - New button templates. Italian and Portuguese language support. Improved engine.
ver 2.63 - Implemented new option to make collective changes on the all buttons in menu - regenerating of all buttons in menu in seconds. New button templates added.
ver 2.62 - Local menu in the list of packages. Packages can be tagged as Favorite or New. New button templates
ver 2.61 - Easy adding URL to the buttons. JavaScript file export support - now you can easy integrate the menu to an existing web project!
ver 2.60 - Animated buttons!
ver 2.56 - Installed new professional-looking business web template
ver 2.55 - HTML pages generator bug fixed
ver 2.54 - Better HTML pages generator - installed new very nice "Orange-Blue" Web template
ver 2.53 - Better graphics algorithm implemented, The Linear Bitmap Stretch in place of The Nearest Bitmap Stretch
ver 2.52 - New HTML templates with customized attributes. You can set these attributes simply by Attributes Inspector. Now You can create Your web pages with graphics menu in seconds.
ver 2.51 - Latvian language localization. New option on toolbar
ver 2.50 - Now you can set width and height of font separately!
ver 2.49 - Little bug fixed
ver 2.48 - German language localization!
ver 2.47 - Text length can be as much as 128 characters
ver 2.46 - Multilines text implemented
ver 2.45 - Little bug fixed

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