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What can I do when I've lost my registration key?
Customers who have purchased Agama Web Buttons can use this form to make a request for retrieving a lost serial number. Please, enter the e-mail address which you have used in the order form!

Why should buy full version of the program?
You can use a non-expiring demo of this program but the full version allows you to use more features that are not available in the trial version. You will also be able to use all packages with beauty button templates. For customers who have purchased the full version we guarantee:
- Free Software Upgrades for your lifetime
- Free download new button packages
- Free Priority support

How to add buttons menu to project in Microsoft FrontPage? (to ver. 2.60)

  1. Save Your HTML menu in Agama using the HTML template "Base Tab Template" or "Base Template, buttons align to center"
  2. Copy all pictures to the directory where you saved your files from FrontPage
  3. Open HTML file created by Agama in Microsoft Frontpage
  4. Make sure you have set your edit mode to "Normal" (WYSIWYG)
  5. Choose "Show All" in FrontPage Toolbar, now you see this symbol which is a link to JavaScript created by Agama
  6. Mark this symbol and paste it to the first line on your page
  7. Mark all Buttons on the page which was created by Agama and paste them to your page. That is all.

How to add buttons menu to project in Microsoft FrontPage? (from ver. 2.61)

  1. Use option: "I want to export images and create javaScript" in the Export Wizard
  2. Copy all pictures and Script file created by Agama to the directory where you saved your files from FrontPage
  3. Copy following line into your HTML page: <script language="JavaScript" src="mainmenu.js">

Why unable to preview active content in IE in Windows XP SP2 - Rollover effect doesn't work
Microsoft IE returns the message "Did you notice the Information Bar? The Information Bar alerts you when IE blocks a Javascript (or other scripts language) contained in HTML page. Windows XP SP 2 has security settings that don't allow active content to run on any page that resides on your local computer. This includes all pages in sites that you create in Agama. This security restriction prevents you from previewing any pages that rely on JavaScript, which means that pages containing rollovers will be affected. The security settings only affect pages that are saved on your computer. It doesn't affect viewing of any page which is uploaded to an Internet server.
Solution 1 Enable Internet Explorer to preview active content.

  1. Click Do Not Show This Message Again.
  2. Click OK. The page appears without active content or JavaScript.
  3. Click the Information Bar at the top of the page, and choose Allow Blocked Content.

Solution 2 Permanently enable Internet Explorer to preview active content. You can permanently enable Internet Explorer to view active content on local files. Doing so prevents the warning from appearing again. Note that completing this solution may allow malicious active content in files on your computer. Complete this solution only if you feel confident in your computer's security measures. To enable Internet Explorer to preview active content:

  1. Choose Tools > Internet Options in Internet Explorer.
  2. Click the Advanced tab in the Internet Options dialog box, and then scroll down to the Security section.
  3. Select Allow Active Content To Run In Files On My Computer.

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