Agama Web Buttons  ver 2.62   Manual

Created by MP Software ©2000-2007

Quick Guide - Create a button step by step

Step 1 - Opening of the dialog that enable you to customize your button
Select button template, which you like. Double-click on this template - now start the dialog Create my button or menu. This dialog enable to you customize button template.

Step 2 - Change size and color of button
Select tab page Size and color. There you can change size of your button, change color of your button or change brightness and contrast of your button. You can change properties of button differently for both state of rollover button.

Step 3 - Add text to button
Select tab page Your text. There you can change your text, font size color and style and unlike other similar software, you can choice several impressive text styles.

Step 4 - Add symbol picture to button
Select tab page Symbol picture. There you can add picture to your button.

Step 5.1 - Exporting button: Picture specification
Click on the button Export my button, now is the Export wizard started.

Step 5.2 - Exporting button: Create HTML file(s)
Click on the button Next, now you can select HTML template and change its look by Attribute Inspector.

Step 5.3 - Exporting button: Save file(s) to disc
Click on the button Next, now you can choice target directory and save your button image(s) and HTML file(s).